~ Testimonials  ~

   Mrs. D's program has been wonderful for my child! His reading & writing improvement has been exponential! This improvement has brought about a big change in his confidence towards school. I am so pleased he took part in this wonderful program!
~Laura M., parent~
   It has made him an excellent reader! It took him from being the lowest in his class to one of the better readers! Since the completion of his reading program, Jacob has excelled in all areas of his school work. Mrs. D.'s program was very important to our son. We would have struggled all year with this program!  
~Ann K., parent~
   My students who've gone through Mrs. D's private tutoring program have much better decoding skills and increased confidence. She is a wonderful resource for our school, teachers and parents. Those in one on one lessons make tremendous gains in reading and are able to develop their own self extending system of strategies! 

~Marilyn H, 1st grade teacher~


   My students, in Ms. D's tutoring program, have become stronger in the use of their strategies and shown growth in fluency as well. Their continued growth in reading has helped to focus more in comprehension and higher level thinking skills.

 ~Regina H., 1st grade teacher~


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~ Quentin ~


Pictured above is Quentin, also known as "Q". This past summer, I had the pleasure of tutoring "Q" in reading and writing!  See Quentin in action below, and read what "Q's" mom had to say about his tutoring time...




~ As a parent, I think this summer school tutoring we arranged for "Q's" reading was the best thing ever! He has made great progress and is ready to start Kindergarten! We could not be more proud of him and appreciate Ms. D's time and talents! Wonderful!  ~

~ Quentin's mom ~




~ Tutoring Students ~  


  Pictured below are some of the many students I have tutored in reading.  

For more information, see lesson demonstration.  




              AVERY                               STEVEN                                JOSH                                      MATT

                            CAROLYN                           DARBY                                 CHAD                                   SKYLAR  

          Drew with Mrs. D.      Kyle and Ms. D.

            STEVEN                               RICARDO                              DREW                                  & nbsp; KYLE


  Mrs. D. is a certified and experienced private early literacy teacher with over 15 years of experience working with PreK -   3rd grade or with 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 year olds, as well as 8, 9, and 10 year old's in early literacy and Reading Recovery.


  Do you need a reading tutor for your little one? Mrs. D. specializes in early literacy private one on one tutoring in the Fairview, Lucas, Plano, Allen, and surrounding North Texas areas, where she, the teacher, will travel to you, as a mobile tutor. With a   Reading Recovery background and years of balanced literacy experience, Mrs. D. is a perfect choice for your   child, whether they need to catch up, or if you are wanting to give your child an early start in literacy reading and writing.


  Mrs. D. will assess your child's reading & writing strengths and weaknesses and help scaffold their learning, taking   them from what they already know to what they don't know. Whether they be in primary grades like preschool, kindergarten, first grade or beyond. Lessons encompass many of the same principals of that like home school settings and montessori environments, where children are able to learn at their own speed when they are ready. With 1 on 1 tutoring your child's confidence will   flourish, whether they are behind or beginners! 1 on 1 tutoring is guaranteed to boast your child's esteem and confidence in reading and writing.


  Studies have shown early intervention makes the most impact! Children have a large capacity to learn, especially   early on. If your child has had at least a year of literacy education and is not reading on grade level or is feeling   unsuccessful in reading, it is imperative you seek intervention asap. Studies have shown early intervention makes   the most impact! Don't let your child's confidence suffer! Early intervention is key! Primary interventions and instruction can occur as young as 3 years old on up to 11 years old where the most impact can be made easily.


  Whether you are looking for an early jump start in literacy for your child to enble them to compete, or your child is seemingly behind their   classmates in their literacy development, Ms. D. will develop an individual private tutoring plan, with careful observations, where   your child will flourish! If you know anyone who has had home schooling or access to a montessori teacher, then you know there makes a huge difference when instruction is given in a multi sensory way, individualized to meet the needs of the child. Mrs. D. does NOT use a scripted one size fits all program, as every child is unique.  


  For more information regarding tutoring in the Fairview, Lucas, McKinney, Allen, and Plano or surrounding Collin County, Texas areas, please visit   the Rates & Availability page, or Contact Me.




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