* Ms. D's program has been wonderful for my child! His reading & writing improvement  has  been exponential!   This improvement has brought about a big change in his confidence  towards  school. I am so pleased he took part in this wonderful program!  

~Laura M., parent~    

* It has made him an excellent reader! It took him from being the lowest in his class to one of the better readers! Since the completion of his reading program, Jacob has excelled in all areas of his school work. Ms. D.'s program was very important to our son. We would have struggled all year without this program! 

 ~Ann K., parent~    

* My students who've gone through Ms. D's program have much better decoding skills and increased confidence. She is a wonderful resource for our school, teachers and parents. Those in one on one lessons make tremendous gains in reading and are able to develop their own self extending system of strategies!

  ~Marilyn H., 1st grade teacher~     


  * Ms. D's program has helped Darby become a better reader with much more confidence. She has an easier time with school work now and likes to   read. Excellent program!

  ~ Mrs. B., tutor parent ~


  * We think this program has definetely helped Savannah's abilty to read and would recommend Ms. D's program to anyone. We are very pleased with   the results!

  ~ Mrs. J., tutor parent ~


  * Thanks so much for what you have done with Kyle! Your work with him has made him feel so much better   about reading. I wouldn't have been able to do that for him myself. I believe Kyle is now using every strategy   you've taught him in figuring out the hard words in his books.

  ~ Karen S., tutor parent ~


  * Jessica is displaying a great amount of confidence in her reading ability. She really likes the idea that by   reading, she will be able to learn things in books rather than always asking someone questions. Not only has   Jessica excelled in reading, but her confidence in her other school work has increased. This program has   been empowering for her!

  ~Mrs. J., tutor parent ~


  * Joel has come such a long way! In the beginning of 1st grade, he used to say things like "I don't want to go to school" or "Reading is too hard!". He was   aware that his reading and writing skills were lacking. Now, he has improved so much! He loves to read. We always read before bedtime (together or   he reads to us) then we give him independenet reading time. He always has a stack of books beside his bed!

 ~ Mrs. S., tutor parent ~ 


Drew with Mrs. D.


* Ms. D's program has helped my daughter develop wonderful reading skills, confidence and instilled a desire to read and write. This program has truly changed my child's attitude about school. We read together every night and have independent reading time as well. We go to the library on a regular basis.

 ~ Cynthia B., tutor parent ~   


* Drew's self-confidence and writing skills have really improved. She wants to read more often and really enjoys  it! We have made reading more fun by having Drew and her sister read to the family. Thank you so much for caring about Drew! This program has been a blessing to the people who need it! 

 ~ Mrs. D. , tutor parent ~



  * James would have fallen through the cracks if it were not for this program. I was gratful this was even a possibility.

  ~ Mr. M, tutor parent ~ 


  * At the start of the school year, Skylar was completely unable to read. He now reads with fervor and has gained a lot of self confidence, where he no   longer just gives up and says "I can't!". We read every night! Wonderful job Ms. D.!

  ~ Athena B., tutor parent ~  


  * I have had several students working in Ms. D's program, who have become stronger in their use of strategies and shown growth in fluency. Their   continued growth in reading has helped to focus more in comprehension and higher level thinking skills.

  ~Regina H., 1st grade teacher~


  * Ms. D's work with our students has been invaluable. We love what the one on one tutoring and attention has done for our kids who would have slipped   through the cracks without it! This program has really allowed our kids to compete on a more even playing field.

  ~MaryAnn S., Principal ~


  * Chandler finally enjoys reading. He has shown improvement in his reading as well as his writing!

  ~ Mrs. C., tutor parent ~


  * This program allowed us to prevent several retention possibilities, and allowed children to gain skills and confidence. We wish we could serve more   children this way.

  ~ Mr. Breedlove, Principal ~


  * Matt has increased in his fluency and confidence as a reader. He has moved up in his reading levels. He now likes to challenge himself to read   harder books. 

  ~ Mrs. M., tutor parent ~


  * Dylan has become more confident and secure. He does better on spelling tests now. Dylan has come such a long way. I am truly thankful for his   reading success and to Ms. D.!

  ~Susan S., tutor parent ~


  * I have seen improved word attack and decoding in my students. This program has been hugely beneficial, not only to my students, but to me as a   teacher. Ms. D. has helped me level my students and evaluate my running records, allowing me to be more effective in the classroom. It is wonderful to   see our students reading growth over time. 

  ~ Marcia M. , 1st grade teacher ~





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